Madison Williams (Madi)



Owner / Gymnastics Program Director & Team Coach/ Floor Manager

With 12 years combined as a competitive gymnast, team head coach, and gym manager, I am confident that I have found my passion in coaching young gymnasts to be the best they can be!  As a USA Gymnastics certified coach and business manager, it is my priority to create an exciting, resourceful, team building, and healthy-disciplined gym environment for students in any of our programs.  No matter your student's age or ability, All-Star Academy strives to make every gymnast, tumbler, and cheerleader believe that they can be the best athlete they can be, and set goals that will allow them to achieve that.  Whether your child is interested in competing or just looking to come learn the basics and enjoy the social surrounding sports provide, I will ensure that each student is experiencing the environment they desire.  As the manager of all programs and teams, please contact me for any questions about classes, teams, and advancement that you and your student are interested in!

Ellen Williams (Ellie)



Owner/ Office Manager/ Event Planner/ Parent Liaison

It's a great privilege to be a parent of an athlete and especially a gymnast. Managing the "behind the scenes" aspects of a committed athlete is a roll I take seriously and love! Encouraging proper nutrition, sleep, homework and family time, while still allowing them to "be a kid" is a life balance that any athlete needs to be successful in setting lifestyle goals, especially while they are young.  So I am here to help with questions you may have about billing, scheduling, events or just need a quick healthy dinner idea! 

Mike Williams



Owner / Building Manager / Business Manager

Well, little did I know that just 1 year from retirement would "land me on a gymnastics mat"!

30+ years experience in the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Traffic Controller and Supervisor/Administrator hopefully lends me the knowledge to manage a multi-member facility. Originally from Southgate KY and graduated from Highlands High School in 1981, I returned home after 4 years in the United States Navy in Norfolk Virginia where I met Ellie. We have 3 great kids, Steve, Stephanie and Madi and 5 grandchildren! You will see me from time to time checking the gymnastics area, equipment and managing events.  Feel free to see me for any concerns and suggestions that will keep safety a priority and a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.