January News Letter

Greetings All-Star families!

All- Star Academy is growing by “leaps and bounds”!  We feel so blessed by all the families we have met and witnessing all the success of our students. 

As we grow, we are learning where to make changes and adjustments to continue to offer options that benefit most family schedules and maintain business excellence. Our website all-staracademygymnastics.com is where to go for most of the information you may need.  If you have other questions, you can call us at 859-393-1686 or stop by the front desk so we can help you in any way.

All tuition payments are due ON OR BEFORE THE 1ST OF THE MONTH.  The best time to pay for the next session is the last week of the current session. All class slots that are not paid for by the 1st are subject to being filled.  We have an Electric Funds Transfer (EFT) available for your convenience of paying without having to stop at the desk and to insure your class space is saved for the next session.  Our front desk personnel can help set that up for you.

Member Incentive Program - Earn credit towards tuition when someone you refer to ASA signs up for classes!  For every referral, you receive a $10 credit towards your next tuition payment.  

Our Staff is top notch! All of our instructors come to us with excellent experience in Cheer and Gymnastics.  If any time you have a question for any instructor, please let us know at the front desk and we will get a message to them for you.  Talking with them in between classes is difficult because they have a tight schedule to stay on to keep the rotation of the gym running smoothly. If you have an concern and/or need to talk to your child, please ask front desk personal for assistance.

Kindernastics classes with Parents – this class is a great opportunity to join your little gymnasts for their first experience in tumbling and gymnastics and need your assistance to help guide your little one through the courses lead by our instructors.  Please do not use your cell phones (pictures are ok) while in class with your child and please wear tennis shoes or no shoes when out in the gym area. This protects our vinyl mats from cuts from hard sole shoes.  Thanx for your cooperation.  

Our Cheer Team is growing and is now referred to as All-Stars Cheer!  As we grow, all levels of Cheerleaders practice together and are becoming “Team Tough and Family Strong”.  Our Cheer Director and Coach Brooke Riesenbeck Brooke and the Assistant Cheer Coach Alexus can evaluate anyone interested in joining our Cheer Program so we can grow to competition size.  If you are interested in and would like to join 1 practice to try, stop by the front desk to schedule 1 complimentary practice with the All-Stars Cheer!

Parking at times can be limited during busier times during the week so additional parking is available in the Ameristop lot in spaces closer to Licking Pike and behind the stores/restaurant.  Please do not use the front spaces of the businesses, these are to for their customers. Parking on the gym side of Vista Pointe is also available directly behind the building and before the white line that is reserved for Vista Pointe residents. Parking is also available at the Wilder City building across Licking Pike and a cross walk and light are provided at the corner of UDF.  

Water breaks are offered at All-Star but can create disruption to the class if students are leaving the gym area and getting water in the front waiting area.  So if parents can help us with maintaining traffic control and talking to your children about staying with their instructor until water break time which is offered in the back of the gym, that would be very helpful.  They can bring their own water bottles (water only please) and take them to the back gym water table but they still need to wait for the instructors direction to take a water break.  


2018 Closed Dates – Below are dates the gym will be closed. See our website for the make-up policy and call or stop by the front desk to schedule make-ups.  

  • 3/29-4/1     SPRING BREAK - NO MAKE
  • 5/13             MOTHER’S DAY
  • 5/27-5/28  MEMORIAL WEEKEND -5/28 MAKE  UP DAY  
  • 6/17              FATHER’S DAY
  • 7/1-4            SUMMER BREAK  - 7/4 MAKE UP DAY
  • 8/1-8/2        GYM CLEANING –  NO MAKE UP
  • 9/2-9/3    LABOR DAY WEEKEND –9/3 MAKE UP DAY
  • 10/29-10/31     FALL BREAK – NO MAKE UP
  • 11/22-11/25     THANKSGIVING WEEKEND – 11/24 MAKE UP DAY
  • 12/23-12/25     CHRISTMAS BREAK –12/24 & 12/25 MAKE UP DAYS
  • 12/30 -  1/1/19 – NEW YEAR’S BREAK – NO MAKE UP

Closed dates may be added if needed and notice will be posted.

Inclement Weather – Please always check the website before heading to class. 

When a class is missed please check with the front desk to see availability for a make up class.  Due to our growth and class space, only classes that are up to 2 consecutive paid sessions past fall under our make up policy.  This helps to keep our class sizes manageable. If space is not available, you will get an Open Gym pass for each class missed.  5th week days are not eligible for make up.

A new addition to our gym is the All-Star Bell ! The bell was a gift from our family and is engraved with the quote “EVERY CHALLENGE IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS! It is dated the date of Madison’s car accident as a reminder that everything happens for a reason and to encourage to continue to reach for excellence even in our trials.  When our gymnasts, tumblers and cheerleaders reach a goal, they will come to ring the bell to celebrate their success! When you hear the bell ring, please applaud their efforts! 

Class sizes at All-Star are designed with the USAG recommendation of 8 to 1 ratio.  This is a guideline, not a limit.  At times you will see more than 8 students with 1 instructor. This can be due to unexpected signups after our staff has been scheduled, an instructor is momentarily working with another class and will rotate into the next class, students taking the class as a make-up, and possibly an instructor is absent due to illness or other reason. No matter the class size, instructors give all students instructions to work at their stations with each other and independently while the instructor places and rotates their position where necessary according to the lesson plan. 

ALL-STAR ACADEMY EXHIBITION – our gymnasts, tumblers and cheerleaders have been working hard to learn new skills and we want to highlight those accomplishments and share them with their families and friends. On April 20, 2018, we will be hosting an exhibition that will be performed by our members!  Family and Friends are all welcome to this free event.  Save the date!

Summer Gymnastics Camp dates are June19,20 and 21. Each day is 11am to 3pm filled with lessons, activities and a Tumbling show! $130 (non-refundable). Sign up today! 

Please feel free to let us know of any concerns or ideas you may have.  We are always striving to make All- Star Academy a safe and fun environment for everyone!

ASA Team

Coach Madi, Ellie and Mike