Fees and policies


Class Fees:  Are paid monthly / 4 week session basis and due on or before the 1st of the every month. First time fees are pro-rated the first month to make new registration available at any time to get started if a  4 week session has already begun. 4 week paid sessions are expected thereafter prior to the start of the first class of the session.                               

Membership Fees: A $35 annual fee per family is due with registration and your anniversary month every year there after
Registration includes: Logo cinch gym bag, a Logo T-shirt at a reduced price.

New Members: Join anytime, we prorate what you have already missed.

Current Members: Feel free to skip a month and tryout other sports. However, we do not prorate upon returning. You must pay for the full month. Classes already missed will fall under our make-up policy.

Multiple Class/Family Discount: Take advantage of all the fun and what All-Star Academy has to offer and get a 20% discount for each additional class per family. Discount is taken from the lowest class cost. Discounts apply when all members payments are made simultaneously for renewal or when signing up for the first time to a class.  Excludes: Private Lessons, Open Gym, Birthday Parties, Camps & Clinics.

Gymnastics Private Lessons:   Need a little extra instruction to work on your goal? Private lessons are available. 
30 minutes - $30   ---    1 hour - $50 

Private Lessons must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.

Non-members are limited to 4 lessons

Members are unlimited as long as they are paid in the current month.

Open Gym: ​Sundays from 1-3pm!  Anyone, both members and non-members ages 2 1/2 to 18 years, can come to work on skills or just tumble for fun! This time is Non-Instructional.  Instructors are present for supervision, safety and spotting if student requests help. $10 for both members and non-members. Parent signed waiver is required.

Make Up Class Policy: Please check gym hours during holidays and bad weather throughout the year.  If your class time is closed for holidays, inclement weather or missed by absence, you can take the make up class at no extra cost, preferably within the month that the missed class occurs. These days are not pro-rated or refundable.  Make up class for team practices are at coaches discretion.

When a class is missed, please refer to the following to schedule a Make Up class.

  1. · Make Up class can only be scheduled after the original class has been missed.
  2. · Please call or stop by the front office to schedule a make up in advance. Please do not come the day and time of class preferred. Space may not be available.
  3. · The Make Up class can only be taken in an identical class that you are enrolled in. 
  4. · Make Up classes can only be scheduled once. If the make up class option is missed as well, the class can’t be rescheduled again and the class is forfeited. This includes Make Up options for ASA closed days.
  5. · Make Up classes are valid for 2 consecutive, paid sessions and are void after the second session has ended. You must remain active for the following sessions. Once you go inactive, all classes missed are voided. 
  6. · Closed 5th week days do not fall under Make Up policy.

 Make-up classes CANNOT be taken on the same day and time you are signed up in. It must be in an identical class offered at a different day and time. Make-up classes CANNOT be taken in a SESSION that you are not signed up in (not paid for). Make-up classes must be taken within the last 2 consecutive sessions.

 We try very hard not to close the gym unless safety is a factor. So stay safe and enjoy the down time to rest or be with family!  

EFT Cancellation: 

We provide this service free of charge as a convenience for you.


Our EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) program has grown due to the convenience of making payments without having to call or stop at the front office and it holds your space on the roster for your desired class as long as you need it. 

To better serve you in this process, we will need notification of cancellations of EFT via EMAIL ONLY

Email notification must be submitted  to asagymnastics@gmail.com  PRIOR to the 1st of the month.

Notices that are received ON OR AFTER THE 1st. Funds can be credited to your gym account (with no fees) or refunded to your credit card minus a $10 processing fee. 

Class Cancellation and refunds:

Due to staff scheduling, notices ON OR AFTER THE FIRST CLASS THE SESSION BEGINS (the roster you are on), no refunds or credit will be issued and make up policy applies. 

If you are not currently on the EFT program, call the front office and we will be happy to set that up for you.

Class Re-assignment:

For the safety of the child and or learning ability, ASA instructors have the responsibility and the right to have a child moved to a more appropriate class. As our instructors are always evaluating to move the child forward in skill level, at times a child may struggle enough to move them back to a more appropriate level. This is done solely for the safety and learning the skills required. Our goals and policies are to protect the children and their needs.

All-Star Academy Gymnastics (ASA) reserves the right to amend these fees and policies at anytime without notice.