Covid-19 our response and commitment.

It's all about Safety



Hello to all our ASA families! We hope everyone is well and remain under safe distancing practices. 

We have all had to make many personal sacrifices and changes to help prevent the spread of C-19 and here at All-Star Academy, we want you to know that Team ASA has been working hard to prepare us all for a new normal of getting back to being active again but still maintain good practices of social distancing with hand and surface disinfecting guidelines. 

We do not have an official opening date but have been asked to make preparations now to be ready when we get the okay to open. So we have been doing just that! 

Keeping our gym clean has always been of utmost priority and, this time in our lives has just enhanced that priority further. As per our facebook post on March 25th, the gym has been cleaned from top to bottom! Thankfully, most of the gym equipment, surfaces, props and carpet are easy to clean and maintain. Any items that are not so easy to keep clean have been temporarily removed from all lesson plans. Please help us to maintain cleanliness by having your child wash their hands BEFORE AND AFTER class. They will be reminded at check in time. No worries if they missed the washing station, we will send them to wash their hands and younger children will come to their parent for assistance. Then they can join the class. We are installing hand sanitizing stations throughout the gym and instructors will direct the students to use them when needed. This should not be considered in place of hand washing. The equipment and hand items will be cleansed prior to each day of classes. Our staff will begin an hour sooner than normal to prepare the gym for a new day.  

We have also prepared all areas with social distancing reminders. Again, thankfully, the gym equipment is already designed with plenty of work space and spot markers have been put in place to help remind students to continue to leave space between themselves and others. This will be challenging. Keeping ourselves and students 6 feet from each other will not be possible in some situations. We will do our best to provide spacing and teach and monitor the students positions and help remind them to stay in their place until they are instructed to move to the next station. Verbal instruction will be added to the warm up time before moving to the first station. You can help by teaching your child to greet with an “elbow bump” or “self hug”. 

Due to safety precautions, we will not practice a “no physical assistance” policy. Staff and students will breach the 6 foot guideline at times when assistance is needed. To help reduce exposure, all staff are required to wear face mask at all times and wash and sanitize their hands frequently. Please take the time to explain to your child that the instructors will be wearing these mask for a while and why, so that they understand and don’t feel unnecessary concern. We already use limited hands on assistance by the use of barrels, rollers, and spotters and will be using these more. To ensure that you are aware of this much needed assistance, we have created the PHYSICAL ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT to be signed by the responsible adult for each student. This signed agreement is required to participate in any activities at ASA. You can download the agreement from our website and bring it with you signed and dated. Only one agreement per family is needed. We will have a table set up to collect them and extra on hand for your convenience as well as answer any questions you may have. Payments and makeup scheduling will be taken at the transaction window where we have installed a clear distancing barrier. Please use social distancing of 6 feet while waiting in any line. This will also be challenging due to space availability. We appreciate your patience while we work through these initial procedures. 

Unfortunately, due to the 6 feet distance guidelines, seating in the observation area has been greatly reduced and the conference room is closed for now. We normally experience standing room only (good problems), but for now that is not encouraged and ask that if your child is of appropriate age to assist themselves in the restroom, to please consider the option of waiting in your car or anywhere outside the building until pick up time. We would like to reserve the limited space available for the ones with younger children in Kindernastics who may need assistance. We also ask that only 1 adult be present if needed and possible. If others are to accompany you, please have them stay beside you at all times.  If you are to remain in the observation area, please do not move or add seats. We know this is an inconvenience and want to provide plenty of spacing but, for now, it’s more important to be safe and to comply with the guidelines.

To help better control the traffic flow, we have made changes to the class times, adding 15 minutes between the start of each class. We have always wanted to do this anyway and this is a great time to do it. You can see the new class days and times schedule on our website. This additional time will also allow our staff to make any adjustments in equipment and wash their hands to prepare for the next class. To help reduce traffic, we still have the convenience of EFT to make payments without having to come into the gym, if students are of appropriate age to be dropped off or at least for the convenience of no line, no wait. Initially we must have the PHYSICAL ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT signed before they can participate.  If you are already signed up for EFT, we will not be making those transactions when we first begin again until we know for sure that you will be attending the session. We will resume auto EFT the following session once we have heard from you on how you want to proceed. So, this means no spots are saved at this current time. If you wish to be on the roster as soon as we have an opening date, just call or email and let us know to use your card on file when the session starts. We are taking those request now.  If you do not have EFT set up, you can pay over the phone. Remember! space is limited! So please email or call as soon as possible.   Make ups are to be scheduled over the phone or in person. Make up scheduling will begin after we reopen.  Do not use email or FB messaging for scheduling make ups because we need to check space available on the roster and this changes constantly. We do usually experience a high volume of calls, so please be patient while we manage each one. Your call is important to us. 

We hope these changes help to ease your mind a bit to trust getting socially involved again. We want you to know that we are still here to help solve the need for children to be safely active and to continue to develop in good physical and mental ways. 

Stay tuned to Facebook and our website for the re-opening date as soon as we know. Praying for May 1st!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive,

Team ASA

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Must be signed by the responsible adult for each student. This signed agreement is required to participate in any activities at ASA.