Birthday Party Information

A gymnastics birthday party is a unique way to celebrate your special day!


Party registration fees.................

$50.00  gym time 

$0.00 1 free Birthday Girl/Boy 

$70.00  5 paid guest minimum  =$120.00 non-refundable​

* Non- refundable party registration fee covers up to 5 guest. ​

* A $15.00 per additional expected guest fee is to be paid at the time of registration but is refundable  per guest that cancel.

* Gym time includes 1 hour and 30 minutes of gym activities and 30 minutes for cake and gift time.        

* All Birthday parties are held on Saturdays  from 1:00pm - 3:00pm 

Parties are scheduled no later than 2 weeks prior and all registration fees ( including expected guest) are to be paid 2weeks prior to party date. 

* If additional guest are to be added, please contact the office prior to party date. Staff are only    prepared for the number of guest  registered, so additional guest could require more staff.

What to wear!! When to arrive


All guest should wear gym type clothes and avoid loose fitting shorts or shirts. 

 Please arrive a few minutes prior to give staff member time to check for all waivers and paid guest count.

The conference room may be available for your cake and gift time. Please clean up all trash and spills before leaving.