We've reached a decision as a family and management team to close our doors due to the most recent recommendations for Kentucky businesses at this time. We will be closed starting tomorrow 3/17 through 3/31, and we'll begin again with a new session on April 1st with a new session. Our make up policy remains the same - classes that will be missed for the remainder of March can be made up as long as you remain active in our program.
This wasn't an easy call, so please know that each of our families are in our thoughts as we all get through this difficult time of handling the unexpected and moving forward with positivity and faith. Thank you for your continued loyalty to us and your patience during this time. We pray that you're taking your own precautions, can weather the storm well, and come out stronger on the other side.
Please stay safe, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
God bless! 

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Maximum Number Allowed will be 25 for safety reasons


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Calendar of closed dates

We are family owned and operated, so we close at times to attend out of town family functions. We also close on days of the month that have 5th days.  Please click below to be redirected to our calendar of closed dates so you do not show up when the gym is closed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Team ASA

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Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

kids, tumbling, gymnastics, cheer

 Our “kinders” focus on the most basic skills in the gymnastics world! "Hop, jump, flip, roll, run, bend, stretch, climb, crawl and leap" are just some of the activities your little one will experience in this exclusive class designed for preschoolers. With initial parent participation, you will delight in watching your child grow in independence, trust, balance, confidence, coordination, teamwork, safety disciplines as well as group bonding. We take great pride in helping these little beginner 

Recreational Gymnastics

Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

kids, gymnastics, tumbling, cheer

 This program is designed around the 4 elements of gymnastics as an individual sport ; the floor, the beam, the vault and the uneven bars without the commitment of team practice hours. Structured to the fundamentals of these 4 stations with prime time gym hours available, gymnast develop physical fitness as a whole athlete by learning the unique skills offered by each apparatus. 

Trampoline & Tumbling

Kindernastics 2.5-5 yrs

Trampoline & Tumbling


 Save your furniture! and enroll your child in this fun tumbling and trampoline program! Floor exercises and trampoline skills will satisfy that energy that just can't be contained! All-Star offers the Ninja System to increase difficulty of skills and create unique course levels. Instruction also focuses on the importance of core strengthening & conditioning. Great class for athletes in other sports! Whether in soccer, volleyball, football, baseball and more. 

Just The Boys

Gymnastics Team

Trampoline & Tumbling

kids, boys, tumbling, gymnastics, cheer

You asked for it and we listened. A class just for the boys to learn all of the fun tumbling skills he would want, with a little extra boy stuff to challenge him...

Gymnastics Team

Gymnastics Team

Gymnastics Team

kids, gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, girls


Gymnasts making the added commitment to practice times and meet schedules are part of an elite group that form relationships with other team members by encouraging and supporting each other to reach new goals, adding to the team efforts! Team season starts in September every year which includes evaluation for level status and personal goal setting. Typically 12 weeks of practice in our home gym prepares gymnast for the competitive season beginning December or January and ending April or May.

We welcome new members at anytime so, join Team ASA today! Experiencing low mileage travel to hosting gyms and competing with other teams is immeasurable!    Team programs are open all year long to help continue personal goal setting, maintain and increase skill level, stay active all year long and to stay in touch with the team friendship.

 One of the beauties of gymnastics is that it is a team sport as well as an individual sport. No bench warmers here! Everyone participates in the 4 elements of gymnastics as a team member and with the added gym time and instruction, there is time for individual growth at a personal level 

Camps & Clinics

Gymnastics Team

Gymnastics Team

kids, girls, boys, cheer, gymnastics, tumbling

Check out our Camps and Clincs Calendar. Perfect for learning new skills or perfecting the ones you are working on!

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Ages 2-5 Beginner basic core skill building in listening, following direction, independence and pre-gymnastics. 


Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, Cheer Tumbling. Just Boys!


Level 1 - 5 including Xcel in Gymnastics with Home and Away Meets. 


Birthday Parties, Open Gym, Summer Programs and Camps !


​Private Lessons available for additional instruction


Dance Programs and more coming at a later date !

 Registration includes an All-Star Academy logo cinch gym bag! ***** 


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